Giving Credit where Credit is Due

For my father, the last King of Assyria, whose call for help rescued our relationship and helped me find my voice.

For Valerie, my Greek writing muse, who chartered a course through the highs and lows of my imagination.


Hannah- my extraordinary mother, outstanding cook and homemaker, who showed me the way to everyone’s heart.

Ari- who teaches me more than I have taught him. Yes, my son, you’re always right.

Anna- who has taken her place among the generations of good cooks in our family, now her hand stirs the pot.

Mary- love of my life, frequent lifesaver, and beautiful friend.

Danny- best friend, sidekick, green grower, wordsmith, and provider of hilarity.

Chris and Ruthie- my Cincinnati family who have provided ongoing love and support since I arrived in my adopted city.

Nora- who has inherited the art of food preparation and story telling from those who came before us.

Gwen- my first and foremost Cincinnati friend, always the voice of reason, and truth.

Iris and Henry- regulars at my table, chosen family, and the best company to keep.

Sue- always the patron of all my ‘arts’, constant supporter, service model, fearless warrior, and loving caregiver to all.

Tina and Jeff- supportive friends and adopted family that provide me with a safe haven and all the comforts of home.

Ellen, who presided over my cooking classes, is a source of inspiration and an example of excellence.

Cooking School at Jungle Jim’s- where I have learned everything about cooking while teaching in their dream kitchen.

Jerusalem Market- a shopping trip to the old world and bakers of the best whole wheat pita.

A heartfelt thanks to all.




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